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Strength for Life and Family

We live in chaotic times, where it's important to hold to our family's values as much as possible. With divorce, rape, adultery, fornication, and other sins that destroy families - it's highly important to stick to our values as family. It's important to also stay disciplined to the purposes of GOD, so you can live a fulfilling life.

Now, realize that no one can accurately determine someone's strength through simple observances in their physical appearance. Same way goes with family. Many people don't see the hidden problems or the strength that families can have. What's the true test of strength? The storms that come in to our lives. How we bear trials and temptations is based on our mental and spiritual strength.

Everyone is building their lives on some kind of purpose, usually. What we need as Christians is to stand strong on GOD's purposes for our life and begin building a solid foundation that backs up these purposes. You will never experience true strength without effort and character.

It's just like building a muscle. If you don't workout your muscles, fat sets in. If you do work out your muscles, you'll begin to see and eventually feel progress. The feeling of progress when working out your muscles is strength that's being built.

Look to GOD Most High for your source of strength and be blessed.

Characteristics of a strong life and a strong family

Scriptural aids

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Deuteronomy 6:1-12
Psalm 32:8
Joshua 1:9
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