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Self-Esteem: How to gain confidence

For many people, they don't feelgood about themselves. This may be due to rejection, fear, guilt, anxiety, anger, depression, etc. People commonly have issues that prevent them from being confident. However, there are a lot of tips for helping to boost your self-esteem, including some Biblical principles.

Gain confidence in your life through goal winning

  1. Set goals, short, medium, and long term types - which can be followed by you to achieve. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself. Write down things that you've always wanted to do and challenge yourself to accomplish the goals.
  2. Take baby steps in confidence. Do little things that require confidence to do. If you're having trouble making friends, then try talking to people and getting to know them. If you need to improve your confidence in your job, then start doing more things that people like seeing you do (such as doing more than what is required).
  3. Trust yourself to move forward in your goals.
  4. Learn how to effectively deal with negative emotions, especially ones that want to hold you back from accomplishing the goals you've set out to do.

Gain self-esteem by improving yourself

Gain confidence by standing out and helping other people

Crush the negativity

Scriptural Aids

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