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Practical Giving & Tithing

Becoming a giver in the Kingdom of GOD is the best thing you could ever do. Because of the reaping of so many blessings from the Lord, we should all become happy givers. GOD is always one to bless those who bless others, to bless those who give to Him. Whenever you support the Kingdom of GOD in any way, expect to be blessed.

There are many things to realize about giving:

How can I become a Giver?

There are many ways to become a giver, financial-wise.Whether you give to a charitable foundation, someone random, a family member, a friend, on our website, or at church - GOD will bless you for sure. It's that simple! It really is.

To be a giver in prayer, it's as simple as learning how to pray for people.

What's so important about Tithing?

GOD teaches us a good fiscal policy with guaranteed promise. The principle of tithing. A tithe is ten percent of what we produce or earn. What does tithing do?

Scripture about Giving

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